Saturday, November 8, 2008


A couple of weeks ago my best friend (and former college roommate) Quinn called and said she was coming to Utah for a visit, all the way from Germany. I have not seen her since before Preston was born and I was very excited because I miss her!! As I mentioned in a previous post, my friend Anita (another one of our roommates) just moved to Seattle. I just so happened that the opportunity presented itsself for Anita and I to hop in the vanagan and take a vacay to Utah for a mini reunion.

Once we were there, it was like we had been together just yesterday. It was like being in college again only add 15 years, husbands', children and all the other fun stuff that comes with growing up. We took the kids to the park to see Deanna (another roommate) and let the kids play while we caught up. We missed Reni though as she had the nerve to give birth an hour after she was supposed to meet us. We decided that we were going to feed our ABBA obsession and go see Mama Mia. We had so much fun. I'm sure our husbands' were relieved that they didn't have to go with us and we had a blast singing, dancing and yelling during the movie. Gusti's 15 year old Kali came with us. I'm sure she was horribly embarrassed by our antics, but if you can't embarass your friends kids, who can you embarass? When we got home, Gusti talked us into playing a video game. Not just any video game but our new obsession:

We played until 2 am. I don't think I've stayed up that late on purpose(unless it's New Year's Eve) for a really long time!! I am really not good at video games, including this one, but we sure had fun trying.

On Saturday, Kelli drove down from Boise and we decided to take a mini road trip all the way to Provo. I had not been to BYU in probably 7 years and we thought it might be fun to go down there and see how much had changed. There were lots of good changes (DT is no longer) and some that suprised us. (Our beloved white, mouse house is gone.) We did feel a little nostalgia as we drove by the former site of the White House. There was a football game that day and parking was insane. We were laughing at how we used to park cars in our field and charge for parking on game days. It helped with the rent, until Steve found out and chose to do it himself!! Landlords!! We spent some time on campus, telling stories and eating at the creamery. It was just strange to be there again. On the way home, Quinn mentioned she was thirsty so I had to introduce her to the Sonic Cherry Limeade. I know they don't have those in Germany!! After Sonic? More Rockband. I said it was an obsession.

We had so much fun while we were there. Gusti took lots of pictures and hopefully will send them to us because I was camera challenged. I also got to see my sister Amanda and my brother Rob and sister-in-law Michelle. I appreciate Manda for reminding me how good Cafe Rio really is and that there is nothing better than cheese fries from Training Table. Yes, we ate, but there are some things you can only get there. I also appreciate her letting us stay at her really cool house. The theater room is truly the best room to sleep in!! Thanks Man!!! I also have to thank Gusti. She fed us and let us stay at her house also, even though she already had a houseful. Thank You!!! We were sad when we had to leave, we had so much fun. Quinn and family will be back next year and we're making plans already. Thanks for the fun girls. I love and miss you. You are truly best friends!!


Gusti said...

That was truly a fun time! Kali said, "Mom you have cool friends, I hope they come and see us again sometime. Anita was such a sweetheart and Ally was just hysterical. If you would have told me how much fun it is to hang with the 35+ crowd, I don't think I would have believed you... so thanks for just including me instead." I couldn't have said it any better myself. ROCKBAND.... Hi my name is Gusti and I've been playing for 8 months now, the urges still overwhelm me, but at least I don't sing in my sleep anymore. :-} As for the pictures... they all ended up on Quinn's laptop? So I'm really hoping that I get to see them someday. (like the Croatia vacation pics, and Kali in Italy pics, and your version of Wheeler farm pics, etc, etc.) Ally, you know where I live and your welcome any time.

Nita said...

That trip was truly one of the best times I've had in a long time! It was amazing as how we got together that it was just like no time had passed! Thanks Ally for letting me tag along in your van with your 2 precious little ones. Gusti, thanks for the very gracious and heartfelt welcome into your home! Kali it was surreal to see you again and so grown up and a blast to hang out with! Quinn, only you could get us to drive through 3 states to see you after so many years and then have so much fun when we were together! Amanda, thanks so much for the hospitality, I have written a thank-you note but Ally hasn't given me your address yet! You are awesome and your place rocks! Ally your great and I love you a ton! Friends then, now and always!

Quinn said...

I'm of course sitting here in tears. What else! I WILL post a blog soon and I WILL post some pictures too. Ditto, ditto, ditto to everything ALL of you have said. The only thing I can add is - Benny bought Rockband for our family for the WII for Christmas (Don't have the WII yet, but what the heck)! SSHHH! It's a surprise for the kids. I wonder who will be more excited to open Christmas presents, me, Benny or the kids? I miss you ALL! Thanks for a great vacation.

Deborah said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Serenity Rachel said...

Man, I didn't even know all the fun I really missed until after reading your post. I was SOOOOOO bummed I missed you guys! (the deleted comment was me--I accidently posted under my mom's login)

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