Thursday, November 20, 2008

Do I have anything to say?

The other night Todd was saying that I had not blogged anything for a long time. I said that I haven't done anything fun lately. He reminded me that I don't necessarily have to do anything fun to have something to say, and that I should treat it more like a daily journal. I think many of the things I do on a daily basis are terribly mundane, I do have opinions and sometimes I wonder if others share (or care) about these things. So here it goes... a couple of Ally musings:

1. Is the decorating talent something you learn or something that is inbred? I know I certainly don't have it, nor did I learn it. Am I going to HE** for that?

2. Why am I, a really not creative person, continually called to be involved on the RS enrichment committee, or in some other capacity involving the enrichment committee? Is somebody trying to tell me I'm not getting it and maybe that's something I should be working on?

3. What is the infatuation with Twilight? I understand enjoying a book, but I don't understand the total obsession that tons of people have with these characters. I am really not a hater, I just don't get it.

4. I have to confess...I have a strange love/hate relationship with reality TV. I hate it because it's mindless and contrived and I love it because it's mindless and contrived. It's a dilemma that I can't solve. I have to admit that I watch the really "good" ones also like Real Housewives of Atlanta ( These women give *itchy new meaning). I watch Dog the Bounty Hunter and Repossessed and Cops. I laugh at stupid people. It's weird, but I think part of the reason is that I don't have to put any effort into watching. It just goes in and rattles around a bit. Then it goes away. Whatever.

5. Why does the school district still do late start during conference week? If it isn't bad enough that our kids go one hour later on Thursdays, you throw in conferences when they get out at 12:30 and they are in class for 2.5 hours, and yes this includes lunch and recess. You make me get them up for what? What is the point exactly?

6. Why do children think your furniture is a jungle gym? Maybe that's just my kids!!

7. Why can't I ever win anything? I enter all sorts of fun contests. People win, me...not so much. Is my luck really that bad?

So there you have it. I wish I could say I have profound and witty things that I contemplate and then post, but no!! Feel free to comment. It's always nice to get confirmation of my mental illness!!


Serenity Rachel said...

Ally, I'm with you on the Twilight thing.I read it, enjoyed it, and even plan on seeing the movie--But that's it. I never understood celebrity obsession with real people let alone fictional characters. I'm still so bummed about missing the roommate reunion. I hope it will happen again someday.

Quinn said...

Nice Ramblings Ally! That was really quite a bit to say actually. I agree with Reni too on Twilight. I mostly think it's SO cool because the author is LDS and it has become so big. It is even huge here in Germany. As for your talent or lack of - give me a break. Anyone who can do floral arrangements has some talent in some kind of department. Don't sweat the small stuff. My mother-in-law and I were talking about how perfect so many American houses look and how our houses here are just more FUNctional. I don't have bedspreads and curtains and rugs and borders and wallpaper that match in every room and I am ok with it. As for another roommate reunion - it better be next summer.

Jenn said...

1. I'm with you, can't decorate my own house!
2. They don't call me to RS, only music......
3. I have been struggling through the last book (5 days!) Tired of the Bella-dribble. Good story line, but drags on too much. Went to the movie, it was good, fun to get out with other girls, sat by a lady who obviously had not read the books.
4. Survivor is my FAV!
5. Hate late start days, try it with a kid at each level of school! You are forever getting kids out the door, then pickin them up. It's kind of like the last day of school, use more in gas then is worth it.
6. Mine are too lazy/cold to go outside and use the great sutff you have already bought.
7. Ditto!

Nita said...

Love the musings, these are my favorite blogs, as it actually gets into the mind of the blogger and what they are thinking and up to concerned with these days! I love Twilight, but not obsessed like some people I have seen! I am all up for another roommate reunion this upcoming summer! We really missed you Ren, I couldn't believe when Quinn told us you were in labor and couldn't come up to hang out! What are the odds?
As far as the couch/kid/jump thing, oh I think that comes with being born and being a kid! All kids do it or at least try, remember jumping on the couch to "Burning Down the House" at Stadium Terrace and we were in college?!! I don't even have a house to decorate (I got you all beat :)
I am not creative either and I have been on the Enrichment committee etc. more times than I can count, I guess we both have something to learn! I am a total American Idol junkie and also So You Think You Can Dance and The Apprentice.
Keep on blogging and someday I will finally post a real blog!

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