Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Don't you love Geeks??

We sat down for dinner the other night and Riley was telling me about the story Sister Jaussi told her in primary. She was saying that the little boy wanted to go out and play with the little geeks, but his grandma told him no. The grandma said the big geeks were mean so not to go out there and play with the little geeks. Now I know this sounds mean, but I am thinking, Geeks? seriously? Could we not come up with a better story for the 5 year olds? Then she told me that the little boy went out to play with the little geeks and then the big geeks came over and bit him on the hand. He ran in to grandma and she said that he shouldn't play with the little geeks because the big geeks are mean. The little boy went out again and played with the little geeks. He then got bit on the hand by the big geeks.
Then it dawned on me. She was talking about Geese.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Newly Wed and Nearly Dead

Apparently today in EQ there was a discussion about the advancement of technology in this decade. The lesson was being taught by one of the young, soon to be lawyers in the ward. He was explaining that the advancements in the computers and the ways that we get information is so much different than the 80's, but someone should correct him if he has any 80's info wrong because he wasn't even born then. I asked my hubby if he was offended by that comment and he said no, he is older and wiser. Todd D and Todd S (Billy T and Todd) were sitting together and the next comment he made was in regards to clothes and then 80's music. Billy T and Todd then let him know in no uncertain terms that there were many things about the 80's were goofy but you can't touch the music. Go guys. Way to defend against the haters.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Happy Birthday Riley

Happy 5th Birthday Riley!!!

Today is Riley's 5th birthday and she got to celebrate with all of her cousins at the lake cabin. The one thing she asked for was a "peeata". We let her pick that out and she picked the traditional burro. She thought it was a cute horsey. We didn't argue with her. She wanted a princess theme so we got Cinderella and Prince charming for her cake.

She starts Kindergarten this year and it's hard to believe that she joined our family 5 years ago. I think I was still in shock because she came so quickly after Preston, but we were excited to have our first girl and we spoiled her rotten. We are paying for it now. :) It was soon evident that she was "large and in charge" and very much the boss of her older brothers, who dote on her and are very protective. The best thing about she and Preston being so close in age is that they are best friends. She is happy and beautiful and has many "boyfriends", all of whom she will be marrying as soon as she gets permission from her parents. We thought there would be issues when Cassie came along, but she has taken on the mothering role and is very protective and helpful with her sister. We love you Ri, you bring joy and happiness into our lives every day. We are thankful you chose our family.

Saturday, August 9, 2008


So, I am going to date myself again with this post, but this month is my 20 year High School Reunion. No...I am not going, I don't really see any point. Most of the people I hung out with, I still see occasionally and I don't really want to spend a bunch of money to see people I don't care about so much.
The great thing about reunions though, is it brings people together who still see each other occasionally and gives them an excuse to have a party. I have to give credit to Brad Haines and Tammy Henderson for getting the old group together. We're kind of spread all over the West and using the upcoming U-High and CV class of '88 reunions as our cover, we all came together to have a great time and remember the fun we had in high school (what we can still remember!!). It was great to see the whole gang. Kriste, Dave, and Carol and Adam all came up from Utah and Brad came from Arizona. The rest of us are mostly spread throughout the Spokane Area. It was a great night to catch up with everyone and realize that we probably should have all been arrested at least once when we were younger. I believe the term we use these days is "malicious mischief". We did come to the conclusion though that Mike Conrad seemed to be in the middle of all the mischievous activities. I think fun was had by all tonight. I know it was great to see everyone and remember the friendship that we all share. It was almost like old times...just add in spouses and kids...well, and no running from the cops in Matt's VW Bug! ! So here's to reunions, and Teen Wolf Urban Surfing, stealing county property and then gently reconstructing construction zones in Haines' driveway, and ski jogging in Sherwood Forest. Do you think we should apologize for the endless TPing of the Guinns'? It was great to be together again!!!