Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Don't you love Geeks??

We sat down for dinner the other night and Riley was telling me about the story Sister Jaussi told her in primary. She was saying that the little boy wanted to go out and play with the little geeks, but his grandma told him no. The grandma said the big geeks were mean so not to go out there and play with the little geeks. Now I know this sounds mean, but I am thinking, Geeks? seriously? Could we not come up with a better story for the 5 year olds? Then she told me that the little boy went out to play with the little geeks and then the big geeks came over and bit him on the hand. He ran in to grandma and she said that he shouldn't play with the little geeks because the big geeks are mean. The little boy went out again and played with the little geeks. He then got bit on the hand by the big geeks.
Then it dawned on me. She was talking about Geese.

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