Sunday, August 24, 2008

Newly Wed and Nearly Dead

Apparently today in EQ there was a discussion about the advancement of technology in this decade. The lesson was being taught by one of the young, soon to be lawyers in the ward. He was explaining that the advancements in the computers and the ways that we get information is so much different than the 80's, but someone should correct him if he has any 80's info wrong because he wasn't even born then. I asked my hubby if he was offended by that comment and he said no, he is older and wiser. Todd D and Todd S (Billy T and Todd) were sitting together and the next comment he made was in regards to clothes and then 80's music. Billy T and Todd then let him know in no uncertain terms that there were many things about the 80's were goofy but you can't touch the music. Go guys. Way to defend against the haters.


kim said...

The clothes are meant to be made fun of.. what were we thinking. But the music is truly a hands off do not say anything bad about it subject. Nothing like those young'uns to make one feel old. I love it when the kids say things like way back in the 80's or ask if we had certain things when we were growing up.

Cindy said...

I won't consider you nearly dead Alley. Come on you are just getting started. You just wait until the young-uns get growing up and what funny things their kids will ask them. And no way can you make fun of the 80's music I was still pretty young myself in the 80's but my favorite songs are from the 80's. Happy Birthday Riley as well. I can't believe all the babies of the Pines ward are starting kindergarten.

Ally said...

I agree about the music. There's no complaining about that allowed. At our house, it's a good way to get a beatdown!!