Thursday, November 20, 2008

BYU vs. utah

For those of you who follow college football in Utah, the big game is this weekend. I am asking for predictions. Who will win? The Lord's school or those heathens on the hill? Leave me a post and let me know who you are rooting for. We'll see who wins the Devenish informal game. I got a quick joke for you...Why isn't the U having a nativity this year? Give up? Because they couldn't find three wise men and a virgin. In case you're wondering, Ally is rooting for BYU and Todd (and Ally's whole entire family) is rooting for the U. I'm a little outnumbered here. Show me some love and then pray for those BYU cougs.


Quinn said...

Definately BYU. Hey Ally why don't you do a "survey" for it - it's a cool add on for the blog page. If any of your fans are interested here is a link to vote for coach of the year and BYU's Bronco Menendal is up for running. 14 days to vote and you can vote everyday. Pass it on....

TeddyBear Todd said...

COACH OF THE YEAR?????? He's not even Coach of the State!! Easily Kyle Whittingham and I think a couple of High School coaches would beat him in the State rankings too!! GO UTES!!

TeddyBear Todd said...

Sorry, I forgot to answer the blog. I was too taken back by Quinn's comment!!! Utah, it will be close but Utah will take it. I predict 24-21 with a Louie Sakoda field goal in the last minute. Oh yeah, what's the difference between BYU football and Cheerios??? Cheerios belong in a BOWL!!!

Jenn said...


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