Wednesday, October 1, 2008

We love our "puppy"

My friend Gusti recently posted on her blog that she was looking at getting a boston terrier puppy. Since our BT "puppy" turns 9 in a couple of days, I thought I would write a quick note to say Happy Birthday. I know...he's a dog and can't read, but if he could I know he would be happy. As it is, I get cuddles and licks just for petting him, I don't even have to say anything. Don't you wish your kids were as easy to appease?


Gusti said...

Awwwhhh, what a cutie! I am intrested in finding out about your friends puppies. I want a girl with traditional good markings, and less than $800 would be nice. And man, hand delivered by you would almost certainly seal the deal. I would love to see you. BTW Quinn will be here next week so maybe you should take a quick jaunt this way regardless? Anyway let me know what you find out from your friend.

Nicole said...
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