Sunday, October 5, 2008

Avoidance only works for so long...

It finally happened. I got tagged. Yep, I'd been avoiding but Quinn didn't get my subliminal messages!!! So the rule is I get to post a specific picture, here's mine.

This picture is Kim and Freddie in the front and Todd and Robert right behind them on California Screamin' at Disneyland last year. The reason this picture is so hilarious is that Kim absolutely hates roller coasters and this one goes 0-60 in 3 seconds up this hill, but you get to sit and wait until it launches you, which is a little nerve racking for those of us who actually enjoy roller coasters. Her smile quickly changed once she was launched. The next picture is better but unfortunately its blurry ( and not part of the game). I was not on the coaster because I was preggo. I was really sad about that, but Lillie doesn't like coasters either so she was standing with me laughing at them. So I respectfully tag Cindy, Traci and Tammy. The rule is to pick photo number 4 out of the 4th picture file on your computer. Have fun.


Quinn said...

Thanks for playing Ally! So are you coming to SLC to see me???

Ally said...

Still workin' on it. I'm in charge of the family fun night for the PTO on the 23rd so it kind of throws a wrench in the middle. When are you going to see your mom?

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