Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The Massagli Family arrives in Spokavega

Anita and Andy and family are on the move!! They are moving from Indiana to Seattle and well, Spokane is on the way. They stopped in to say hi for a couple of hours before finishing their journey. It was so great to see them and the kids. We haven't seen each other in about 6 years so it was nice to catch up. Yes, I am a bad friend and did not have the camera with me, so unfortunately there are no pictures. Their kids are all grown up and so adorable. Camillo tried and tried to get Cassie to let him hold her during breakfast but she wasn't having any of it. By the time we were ready to go though, she was all about hanging out with him. I did ask if he could stay with me so I would have such a wonderful babysitter, but they said no (I wonder why, it's rare that you meet a 14 yr old boy that talks, let alone likes kids). I'm really glad that they are so close because this gives us an excuse to get to the coast more often. I tried to talk them into just staying here but Andy kind of needs a bigger airport (What? It is Spokane INTERNATIONAL airport!!!!) It was good to see them and we will get together soon I promise. Thanks for stopping guys.


Quinn said...

Sooo jealous!! All these reunions this year and I am just missing them all. I emailed you. Drop me a line.

Anita said...

Hey woman! It was great to see you! I finally got onto a computer to check everyone's awesome blogs, as it had been about 10 days! I am so bad at the picture thing, we had a camera in the car but did I think to get it out and take pictures? NOOOOOO! Oh well, next time. Hey what is the plan for heading down to SLC to see the Quinnster? I am looking like mad for a house to rent around here. Let me know the plans. Still have the same email!
Once again it was great to see you, like no time had passed at all since the white house days 13 years ago! I love it! Love you too!