Tuesday, May 20, 2008

We love the weather and Crazy Hair

We finally got good weather this weekend. It was mid-80's all weekend and it was sooo nice. I went and got the kids a pool on Friday so they would have something to entertain themselves with on Saturday. They invited Ryan and Landon over and spent their time alternating between the pool and the trampoline. The trampoline had the sprinkler under it so it was just like a minature water park (certainly pathetic) and they were having a great time. At least it kept them entertained and out of my hair. Yes, the water is brown, because they had just thrown a handful of the pea gravel in and I made them take a picture before I made them drain it and start over with freezing cold water from the hose!!!

On Sunday we went to Grandma Nowels house to roast marshmallows and hot dogs over the fire pit. It's a family tradition, once it gets warm, and everyone was very excited to start it again. This is Riley and Liam getting their hot dogs ready to roast. It was mass hysteria. I think Preston even had marshmallow in his hair by the time they started roasting the hot dogs. We ate dessert (smores!) first.

After the really long winter, we were all really glad for the gorgeous weather and a chance to hang out and play outside. Cassie and Izzy were headed for the swings. She didn't end up going on the swings, but she was glad to be with Izzy.

We decided to enter Cassie in Family Fun's Baby's Crazy Hair contest. The winner gets a $5000 scholarship. We're not sure we're going to win, but we really like this picture and think she's cute. This is the one we entered.

We're watching the season finale of Dancing with the Stars!! Go Kristi!! Girl Power!!

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