Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Mobius Kids and The Spokane Falls

We recently received a membership to Mobius Kids, which is the Children's museum here in Spokane. My kids have been driving me crazy to go, it's Preston's favorite and we had some time on Saturday. They happened to be having a safety fair that day, with lots of interactive displays' for the kids to play with. When they got there, they received a safety passport which if they got stamped at every booth, they received a prize at the end of the day. Their prize turned out to be a free dinner at Red Robin. I thought that was a great deal, since my kids were so excited to go to the booths'. McGruff the crime dog was there, the EWU police were there and the Spokane Police were there. With that many cops in one place, Preston was in seventh heaven. He Loves the cops. He wants to be one when he grows up so any interaction is "super cool". As you can see from the pictures, he heads straight for the police dress up when he gets there. He then went to visit all the cops, so he could look like them. Riley was having fun on the stage playing in all the costumes. She tried Barney and then Barney with a hat.

The Barney costume was too little so it didn't really fit and it was kind of funny. The hat was cute though. She looked like she should be shopping or something. There are lots of great things for the kids to do like painting, a ball pit, puzzles, dress up and a whole Phillipine village replica. They can buy Phillipine goods with real money and then take it to the Phillipine hut that is there. They can row in the canoe and go "fishing" for fake fish. They love it. There is a little section for Cassie that is all padded and has toys for babies so this was her first experience getting to play there. She was kind of unsure at first but she got into it pretty quickly.

Robbie was at the water table for most of the time. There are plastic pieces that you can change the position of and then send boats and ducks down through the maze you create in the running water. He spent a ton of time figuring out different ways to send the ducks hurling through the endless maze.

Lucky for us, Mobius is downtown. It had been a long time since the kids had been to Riverfront Park and my family decided that we were all going to meet there to look at the record breaking runoff swelling the Spokane Falls. The kids and I packed a lunch and headed over to the Park, stopping to get our picture taken with the Bloomsday Runners Statue.

We wanted to feed the ducks, but the river is so high that they have the stairs by the carousel all taped off and the lower 4 sets of stairs are completely covered in water. We wandered around and then went to the goat. We went to meet the cousins at the blue bridge in between the YMCA and the Pavilion so that we could see the upper falls. The river is moving really fast and they closed down the south suspension bridge because the spray was so strong. These pictures don't do it justice but it's really cool. We then hiked down by the WWP building so that we could really experience the falls. We got the coolest pictures!! I hope my kids will remember this for a long time. When we got down to the bottom, my mom told all the grandkids to get by the wall for a picture. She told us to stand back to take the picture. All of a sudden, this huge wall of water came over the wall and completely drenched the kids. They were so suprised, but they loved it and I don't think the adults have laughed so hard in weeks. It was classic. We did tell my mother that she was an evil grandma because she set her grandkids up. Oh well, they thought it was cool.

The kids on the way down to the falls

These pictures are all of the kids after they were soaked by the giant wave. It was really fun and an amazing display of nature. Sometimes we forget how beautiful Spokane can be. This was a great reminder of our beautiful city and a fun day for the family.

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