Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mothers Day

I hope everyone out there had a great day. This is one holiday I think was promoted by the Hallmark card and Floral industries. Not that I don't appreciate what my family does on this day, as well as all the adorable cards and gifts they bring from school and church, but... Do you get a break? I certainly feel like I work just as hard on "my holiday" as I do every other day of the week. It's kind of anti-climatic. Oh well. This has been a busy week for us. I celebrated another birthday, hooray!! I'm 29 and holding. My siblings all know how old I am and every single one of them (5 plus significant others) had to remind me numerous times that day. I think they get some kind of sadistic pleasure out of reminding me that I'm the oldest and that gives them the right to rub it in!! I was just glad to talk to everyone. That doesn't happen very often anymore. I do have to thank Manda for the early morning wake up call. She was paying me back for the text last week in the middle of the night. We're even now.
Cassie learned to climb up the stairs this week. She's suprisingly good at it. Not quite as good going down the stairs, but she should get that by the end of this week. Now if we could just get her to stay out of the dog food! The other kids are getting really proficient at dog food patrol though and can stop her before she gets there. Todd just looks at her and says "NO!" She laughs her head off, but doesn't touch the food, so I would say that it works. She doesn't listen to me though. She's learning early. We entered her in's crazy baby hair contest. When you take her hair out of the pigtails it's quite hilarious and it stays that way until we wash it. Hopefully we have a shot. Robbie had a field trip to the IMAX and Riverfront Park on Friday. I couldn't go because I didn't have a babysitter so he decided he would ask his Uncle Joe to go with him. Joe was crazy enough to take him up on the offer, so he got to spend quality time with 3rd graders at the park. He didn't die from kid overdose and said it was actually fun. You never know about those single men. They tend to run for cover when someone says KID. Apparently Joe had never been to the IMAX before. Who knew?
The weather has been much nicer here this week so I've had a chance to get some of the yard work done. The eyesore we call a pond is still in the front yard, but if I have my way it will be gone by next week. Todd and I are battling on this one. It is a long, drawn out battle going on 3 years now. I will win and really deep down he knows it. He just needs to come to the realization that it's ugly and he should just do what I say. I even offered to move the rocks for him. They're big. No dice. Maybe it will just disappear one day while he is at work...HMMM!!!
We got our invitation for Todd's 20 year high school reunion this week. Dang he is old. It's a good thing he married a young thing who stays 29 forever.


Todd said...



You think you're pretty smart don't you!!! That's what I get for marrying an older woman!!! Whoops, did I give a clue to your actual age?? Sleeping on the couch tonight I guess. Love U

kim said...

You need to post pictures of the pond before I can make a fair vote. But since I abhor yardwork, my vote would probably go to the easiest and quickest fix.

Ally said...

You are sleeping on the couch!!

Ally said...

Kim that pond is so ugly I don't want to take pictures, but I will for fair voting.

Cindy said...

happy belated birthday. You don't look a day over 29. You look fabulous darling. I hear you about the whole mother's day thing. A true mother's day would be a day alone or with girlfriends all day at a spa. No kids, pets, or husbands to deal with : )