Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Teething Sucks!

I forgot how bad teething is. I suppose it's different with every one but Cassie is not dealing well with getting teeth. She doesn't want to do anything and only wants to be held. That's OK. Todd is home, there is more than one of us to hold her. NOOO! She only wants mom. Oh what fun!! Robbie and Todd were having a conversation about what Todd had taught Robbie to do in his life....like cooking hot dogs, catching fish, riding a bike etc... Robbie said "Yeah dad, but you haven't taught me to catch a jackrabbit." Random. The things they say!!

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kim said...

Welcome to the world of blogging!!! You will love it. It is truly a great way to keep in touch with everyone at once. I noticed you had visited and couldn't resist hopping over to your blog. Half the fun is the comments. Your kids have gotten huge!!! And you have another one. Where does time go??? Fun to see your family!!!