Wednesday, April 23, 2008


On Wednesdays, Preston and mom head off to spend the morning together in Mrs. Hillstroms' class. I've decided that Kindergarten teachers are grossly underpaid for what they do. It's hard to imagine the patience needed to spend even 2.5 hours with 23 5-6 year olds. Especially on days like today where the kids can't go outside for recess because of the weather. These brave women (and men) have the patience of Job. Preston's teacher only teaches half-day but there are those who have all day classes. They're nuts! It's good that I only "get" to do this a couple of hours a week because I'm not sure I could handle much more!! Mind you, these kids are adorable, but they are full of exuberance and lots of energy, of which I do not match in any way, shape or form. He looks forward to it every week though so I am happy to do it, mostly to see the smile on his face when he reminds all his friends that it's his mom that will be there today.

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kim said...

Noah had Mrs. Hillstrom. I love her and Noah adored her. She was so good with him. Wasn't Robbie in there??? I have no clue how they do it and stay cheerful. I couldn't! I am especially amazed when they still have children at home. Most of the time it is hard enough to deal with my own children, let alone other people's.