Sunday, September 7, 2008

First Day of School

Wow!! I can't believe it's finally here. I am really excited and believe me, they are too. It's the first year that I get to send 3 (count 'em 3) children off to school every day. Robbie is in 4th grade this year in Mr. Dobney's class. He is really excited and ready to be working again.

Preston is in 1st grade with Mrs. Winkler. he and Landon Rehkow are in class together so that works well for him. We kind of feel bad for Mrs. Winkler. Preston is so easy going though that he doesn't really care what happens, he's just excited to ride his bike to school.

Riley is in Kindergarten. She is really excited and luckily she knew Mrs. Hillstrom from last year. She was not wanting mom to help her get to class. She knew where she was going and didn't need my help.

She then found her seat, which was on the side by the cubbies. She sat down and started to "read" her book. There was a little boy who had a broken arm and who was crying and didn't want to leave his mommy. Mrs. Hillstrom suggested that Riley move to sit by him because she had big brothers and wasn't afraid of boys. She said she had 2 brothers and she would sit by him and be his friend. Todd and I were taking bets on how long it would be before he was her "boyfriend."

Now it's just Cassie and I at home (at least for a couple of hours a day). I think I'm going to appreciate only lugging one to the grocery store, appointments, quilt class, etc. Cassie also takes naps in the morning, so Todd and I get to pretend it's like we don't have kids!! So hooray for school and all the joy it brings to our family!!!


Cindy said...

very awesome!! 3 kids in school. Amazing how time flies. It seems like yesterday you were in young women's holding little 2 month old Riley. The joys of motherhood!

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