Sunday, September 19, 2010

It's about time

Well, life has caught up with me and the posting isn't going so well. So I thought I'd fill everyone in on what's up in our little corner of chaos.

Todd has been working like a maniac. They are short staffed and he is an overtime fiend, so he is always at work. There have been many days of late where he is working 36 hrs straight. It's an awesome paycheck, but sometimes we miss our dad/hubby. He was also recently called to be the Assistant Scoutmaster, which meant he got to take a week off in July to go with Robbie to Scout Camp. They had a blast and cannot wait to go back again next year.

I get to stay at home and play(if you call being the mother of 5 and running a household play). I dove headfirst into my newest passion, quilting, and am in the middle of an ambitious quilt with my quilting group. I work on it when I can- in between school, chauffering, meals, games and church. I was released from being the CTR 7 teacher in the Primary and called to the Relief Society Board. I love RS, but I do miss those kids in Primary.

Robbie is turning 12 this year and is preparing to receive the Aaronic Priesthood. He is the last one his age to move from Primary to YM and is anxiously looking forward to his birthday. He also started middle school at Horizon this year. He LOVES it. I had a panic attack when he started, but he is doing well and has the greatest teachers. I suppose it's just the thought of Jr. High all over again!! He is taking piano and is a phenomenal player. I wish I had half his talent. Now if we could just get him to practice...

Preston turned 8 and was baptized in June with his cousin Sarah. We were so proud of him for choosing to be baptized. He struggles daily with making the correct choices, but somewhere in the end, he chooses correctly. He started 3rd grade at McDonald with Mr. Dahlgren. Mr. D. is a new teacher to McDonald this year, but Preston loves him and he is really cool. I think he is only 12 ( Just kidding, maybe 25) but that's how the young ones seem when you are getting old. Preston has also started playing tackle football for Pop Warner. They are intense but he loves it and is learning so much every day. Go Bengals!!

Riley turned 7 this year, while we were at the lake, and the only thing she wanted for her birthday was a pinata. AAACCCKK!! Hopefully, she will grow out of this soon. Riley started 2nd grade this year with Mrs. Godfrey. She loves her and is looking forward to the day she starts getting homework.(WHATEVER!!!) She learned to ride a two wheeler this summer and spends many days and nights riding around the neighborhood with Malia.

Cassie is 3 going on 20...she is quite the little miss. She started preschool with Teacher Barbara this year and she even agrees with us!! She is large and in charge and says the most random things. I need to start writing them down. One day, on the way to the lake, she was having a conversation with Todd about nonsense that went something like this:

Cass: Can you say PPPHHHTTTT?
Cass: Can you say LLOOOLLOOO?
Cass: Fine! Subway Eat Fresh.

See? It's totally random. She loves watching Sprout, looking forward to her next day of school, playing with her cousin Piper and torturing her brother Will.

Will is getting so old so quick. He turned 1 in July and started walking shortly after. I forgot how busy they are once they are mobile. He is in to everything, and enjoys torturing the dog, annoying his sister and wrestling with Dad. Lucky for Mom, he finally decided that there are other people in the family that can hold and cuddle him!! Grandma is still not his favorite though...

Well, that is the long of it. Maybe I will try to post more later.. or maybe not!!


Quinn said...

He's already one - and I've never met him. I can't believe how time flies. I miss you Ally, it was nice to read up a little again. Someday I will make the break through again and start posting. Life is overwhelming it seems right now, and like you said about Todd - Benny is hardly ever here. It gets tough when you've put the kids to bed for the 100th time in a row and all they do it fight you about EVERYTHING!! It is just downright draining.

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