Sunday, September 19, 2010

Are you Pregnant?

Now that I have your attention, NO I AM NOT!!! Todd and I just started a new diet called the HCG diet. Basically you take the pregnancy hormone HCG and it helps you lose weight. Amanda lost 40 lbs, Shawna lost 25 lbs. and Andrew lost 136 lbs. With these kind of results we decided it couldn't hurt to try so we jumped in feet first. Things are going well, in the first 2 days Todd lost 6 lbs and I lost 4 lbs.. Onward and downward...we'll keep you posted.


Quinn said...

It's big over here in Switzerland especially. It is pretty rigorous though and gets old quick. I wish you ALL THE BEST and especially the will power to endure. Dieting just SUCKS!! I spent an hour at the fitness studio today and thought I was going to die about half-way through when she said, now hold for just 8 more, and 7,6,5,4,3,2,8,....ohhh I was hurting and I just couldn't hold anymore - I dropped my leg (and felt like a total looser) man I need to get in shape, so like I said - GOOD LUCK!

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