Friday, September 4, 2009


OK. I have a tendency (especially when I have an infant and am getting very little sleep) to go off about things. I really have to censor myself often, but sometimes the little switch doesn't work. My last post was one of those times. My best hubby very gently explained that I am ranting in a very, very, very public forum and I probably should limit my use of names and such just to avoid any possibility that said names may read my blog (doubt it) and choose to take their dislike of my opinion out on my children. Enough said. I get it, and probably should have gotten it sooner but hey, I am sleep deprived. Rather than rewrite the whole post, I chose to just delete it. It's much better this way. I am not going to apologize for my opinion, but will be a little more careful about how I express it. I hate it when he is right!!


Sarah, Bear, Redbearskie said...

In all honesty, I dont think you should have so censor yourself at all. I understand your not wanting a teacher to take their frustrations out on your kids, though, but still....I dont think its bad that you have opinions on who teaches your kids!!

Ally said...

Thanks Sarah. I totally agree!! Just not so publicly!!

Lene said...

I found out one of my kid's teacher reads my blog (she found it on facebook). You just never know who might be reading.

Nita said...

Hey Ally I agree that parents comments shouldn't be taken out on the kids but you know that they could be so I guess better to be safe than sorry! I think Todd was wise, although it's sad it is that way! I love it that you have us as family on your blog! Love you sista~

The Shelton's said...

I have to totally agree with Sarah. You are allowed to have an opinion and you are allowed to express it in any way you choose. I wish more people would say what they really think. And if a teacher takes it out on a kid, then should they really be a teacher in the first place? And another thought - I think it would be inappropriate for a teacher to read the family blog of any of her students, don't you?

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