Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I am way to old for this!!

I have finally rejoined the land of the living and have found some time in my sleepless, busy schedule to post some pictures of the new little one. I've forgotten what a joy it is to have a precious little one in the house, but that also includes very little sleep. When your 2 yr old has been sleeping through the night since 3 mos. you get used to that...go figure. I have to say though I wouldn't trade him for the world. I think he's adorable and totally forget about the misery I went through to get him (It really wasn't misery, 5 hrs start to finish) Anyway, I hope you enjoyed Todd and his posts, I know...they make me laugh too. Here are some pictures, I will post more later.


Lene said...

What a cutie.

Missy in Texas said...

What a beautiful baby. Congratulations.

Michelle Nowels said...

can't wait to meet the little man! He's too cute

Quinn said...

Yeah - Fotos! I'm glad you're home and getting back into the routine of things. I wish more sleep as soon as possible. Love you tons!

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