Monday, March 9, 2009

It's a Boy!!

Todd Wins!! The bet was on and Todd is the big winner. Baby #5 is a boy. No we do not have a name and we probably won't until right before he is born. I voted for a girl, only because I have girl clothes. I haven't had a boy in 7 years, so there are no clothes at our house that work for baby boys. It's really kind of funny, but we are looking forward to doing some shopping!!! Everyone is really excited, even Riley, although she is convinced that she will be naming him.


Lene said...

We will have the same family: 2 boys, 2 girls and then a boy. We stopped. You can keep going if you want. :)
We went through the same thing when Ham was boy clothes, but some dang cute girly things. I gave away most of the girly things, but Ham sleeps quite a few nights in pink jammies.

Liz said...

Yeah another boy! At least they come with less drama. Hey if you want boy stuff for over 1 I can totally hook you up.

Quinn said...

Gee, nothing for ages and then a whole bunch of blogs come up. It was fun to catch up! Congrats on a boy. Boys are fun - loud at times, but great cuddlers. Don't need to tell you though. Gotta go help my balistic son with his homework - he's screaming at me because I won't let him play WII and he doesn't know how to do the assignment. So I'm keeping cool and finishing my comment first.

Nita said...

We're so excited for you guys! Love all the posts! Someday I will get around to posting something!
Love you lots!

The Shelton's said...

Holy crap, you finally blogged!! And I will just overlook the fact that I had to find out you were having a boy over the internet. Wait, maybe I won't overlook it. You is in trouble girl!! LOL!!

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