Monday, March 9, 2009

Cassie cuteness

My family has continuously teased me that my kids are really good. I always said that they just put on a good show when they are not at home. Cassie and I went over to visit Grammy the other day and what happened? Cass plopped herself down and went to sleep on the floor next to Abby. There she slept, with at least 10 people and 2 dogs stepping over her. We did push her out of the way, but I was worried if I picked her up she would wake up. She slept this way for over an hour. OK, maybe she is really good.

Cass has also decided that she is old enough to play the "tendo" (Nintendo DS). Obviously she can't really play it, but she really enjoys telling her siblings to give her the Tendo and "tendo on". She is really funny. Here is her typical stance while playing. Notice she is even trying to use the stylus...
She loves to play with her brothers and sisters things...especially shoes and hats. She cracks us up that she loves to put these things on and parade around the house showing us what a big girl she is. Most of the time she encourages her brothers to play along.


Jenn said...

She is adorable! I love the sponge-bob pic!

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