Monday, January 5, 2009

The saga continues

Day #15 without any school. They are now saying that a huge warm front is expected at the end of the week and we are going to get poured on. This in turn makes the 2 feet of snow on every roof very heavy, which has already caused numerous cave-ins. The school district wants to be safe and is clearing off all of the roofs before they send the kids back to school. It is estimated this will take until Thursday. I'm half tempted to call the school district and volunteer to remove snow just to get away for awhile. Although the sleeping in is nice, it's probably time for them to go back. They are supposed to be learning, right? I'm not sure how much more Spongebob I can handle!!


Gusti said...

I'm diggin the new blog format, and pic of your cute kids! Wow ok maybe if I were in your shoes I'd be ready for the kids to go back to school too. Instead I'm home and sad because it's not as fun to play rockband on solo mode... and all my band members are back at school. I mean seriously have you ever tried high5ing yourself for getting 5 stars? It is a truely pathetic sight.

Gina said...

Um, where is all the snow from the school's roof supposed to go? The snow is already piled higher than the school just from the parking lots. I kind of don't mind being able to sleep in a few extra days but we were on the west coast for a week so we had a chance to away from all this snow for awhile.

Serenity Rachel said...

That is a super cute picture of your kids, Ally! The little boy on the far right looks SOOO much like you! The snow up there is just crazy. Its crazy here too but people expect it so life goes on. So, do you want me to send you some of my homeschooling stuff? ;-)

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