Friday, July 18, 2008

Riding the Bus and Accident at Mobius

Robbie has been attending Forensics camp at Mobius Kids for the whole week. So the wonderful mother I am, I let the other kids and Izzy tag along and just let them play while he is in class from 2-4. The week has been virtually uneventful, except that the kids got to ride the STA bus for the first time. Just to clarify, it picks up at the Mirabeau Parkway Park and Ride and then is an express straight downtown. It drops us off just on the corner one block up from Mobius. It's a quick walk and the kids think the bus is the coolest thing.
Well today, the kids are playing and I'm getting bored (it's day 5...the museum is only so big) so I'm trying to convince them that there are cool things to see out in the mall, namely a great sale at Williams-Sonoma and the Anniversary Sale at Nordstrom, but they are not listening and want to play at the water table. Riley finally decides she has had enough of the water and steps off the stool she is standing on...right into a puddle of water which she proceeds to slip on and conks her head on the stool. She is relatively unfazed but is wimpering and coming over to tell me she bumped her head. Meanwhile, this crazy lady who was standing by her at the water table comes running over saying that she saw her fall and she didn't even lose conciousness. OK... I'm thinking "this kid is barely crying I certainly hope she didn't lose conciousness over a simple bump on the head." Then I see it...massive amounts of blood gushing out of her head, in her hair, down her back and all over my hands and clothes. Now I don't get crazy, because this is child No. 3 and head wounds always bleed the worst. This lady is freaking out..."I'm a nurse and I need something to put on it. I think you should take her to the emergency room!!" I calmly walk the crazy nurse and Riley(who is no longer crying and is wondering why she can't see any blood) to the front desk where I know they have a first aid kit and explain what happened...hoping that the staff will calm down crazy nurse. Thank heaven, one of the people in charge walked her away to help her clean up and fill out the incident report. They then proceeded to clean up most of the blood, put some pressure on the wound and then discover that the culprit is a tiny little 1/2 inch cut that is not very deep. Not even worth a trip to the emergency room and barely bad enough to get me to go to Phil's (Dr. Woolf) if I were at home. They clean it up some more, give Riley some toys ( she's now in 7th heaven and asking when she can go and play) and had me fill out an incident report.
It may seem like we were filling out a lot of reports, but as a former Apartment Manager, you never know who is going to sue and for what so it all falls under Risk Management. I didn't want to tell them that my brother works for "One call that's all" Craig Swapp... I didn't want them to get all defensive. Meanwhile, crazy nurse comes back ranting the whole time about not letting her go to sleep and watching her eyes so they don't go all crazy. (What exactly is the definition of crazy eyes anyway?) She also made me promise I wouldn't sign anything in case something happened and I needed to call the "One call that's all" guy. No joke. I certainly thought it was funny, but I think she would have been highly offended if I'd laughed out loud. I really did want to tell her about Preston falling out of the tree and asking if his eyes were still crazy. It's the devil in me...
Anyway, Riley is perfectly fine and I still did make it to Williams-Sonoma. I couldn't deal with the kids in Nordy's. It had been a long week. I didn't have the camera with me this time...I'll take some pictures and post later. What can I say? It was Friday fun for everyone!!!

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