Thursday, July 10, 2008

Boat Trip

This last week we finally dragged out the boat and had fun at the lake. Tuesday we went with John and Shawna and Kids and the Thursday we went with Grandma and Grandpa Nowels and Rob and Michelle. It was Cassie's first time on the boat and she loves it (She was too little last year.) Preston is our fish and jumped right off the back of the boat into the somewhat chilly water. Of course, when it is close to 90 degrees outside, the water doesn't seem so cold. Rob decided to christen the tube and spent all of 10 minutes begging Uncle John not to throw him off. Cassie decided that eating the rocks on the beach was just as much fun as riding on the boat so she was perfectly happy there. We're looking forward to spending most of the month of August at the cabin, so we can play every day!!!

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