Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Does this mean I'm grounded?

OK. I'm a slacker. I can't help it. I have so much going onn, that blogging is really one of the last things that comes up. Do I enjoy it when I do it? Yes, and it's very theraputic for me to write all this stuff down. Does that mean I will be better about it? Probably not. I am going to post some fun things that have been going down at our house for about the last oh 6 months. But most of that will take quite a long time so you'll just get a snippet today. I am thinking about going private on this involves my kids you know...but I do have another one for just me and you can check it out here Let me know what you think about the private on this blog.

Just to keep your interest, this is what I do to my kids when they don't mind...

Yep, I put them in jail. It's not so bad..they can kind of get out!!!


Quinn said...

I recognize those bars - put Tyler there last summer when we were visiting Caleb in CA. Ha Ha I am not for going private for a stupid reason - I have your Blog at the top of my internet page thingy whatever it is called and I just have to scroll over it with the mouse and I can see if you've posted, so even after 6 months, I know that you posted today and I read it right away. When you go private, you don't always see the new posts, although it seems to be working with Franzi's, but it hasn't always worked. Why would you go private? I always figure there are so many thousands of blogs out there, why would anyone who doesn't know me really want to read mine? What's your angle?

Ally said...

Ok Quinn, you have a point. Really, why would anyone want to read mine. Although you do hear more about the perverts here than in Germany but I see your point. No reason in particular, just thinking about it.