Tuesday, January 5, 2010

I Love the Muppets

Disney's promotion at their theme parks this year is give a day, get a day. It's all about volunteering and doing something good in your community. Since the Devenish family is having their family reunion at Disneyland this year, we are very excited to go and use our tickets we get for completing our volunteering. The whole family is going to participate and we are looking forward to it. Here is some fun little video from the Muppets. We, along with them, encourage you to give a day...even if you don't get the chance to go to Disney this year.


Gusti said...

YOUR Christmas cardcame back to me? What the heck, did you move? I need your address.

Ally said...

Gusti, I didn't move but I think you have my parents address and they have a retarded mail person. I will email you the correct one.

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