Sunday, December 28, 2008


Deanna, Quinn and Anita

I just wanted to give a quick shout out to Anita, Quinn, Gusti and Jamie. I just watched Mamma Mia! again and although I did have fun watching it with Todd (my kids wanted me to stop singing) it wasn't quite the same as a bunch of 30-sonething women at the movies. So here's to best girlfriends and ABBA. I love and miss you guys. You're the best Dancing Queens I know.


Gusti said...

We love you, too! Did Santa bring it to you for Christmas? We got ROCKBAND 2!!! They have added a no fail option so even people with serious lack of skills can still have fun (or little kids). I also got singstar 80's and I totally thought of how much fun that would have been to play with all you gals! So when are you gonna be back this way?

Nita said...

Oh, that was seriously the best time I've had at a movie since I was in college and used to go to the Varsity Theater at midnight! Man, you rock babe! I would watch again with you tonight if I could get over the passes! And Gusti, don't be surprised to see me at your house soon! I would love to get our families together. I think our kids would really hit it off! Loved your Christmas card!
Love you Ally!~ You Rock, literally!

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