Friday, June 27, 2008

Happy Anniversary!!

Today Todd and I are celebrating our 11th Anniversary. No vacation this year, just a trip down memory lane.

11 happy years together

10 years ago we moved from Salt Lake

9 Robert Todd Devenish

8 years ago, Todd began his job at the Sheriff's Office

7 vacations to Disney

6 Preston Rowe Devenish

5 Riley Paige Devenish

4 beautiful children later

3 hour drives to Kalispell...alone!!!

2 strangers meet at work and fall in love

1 Cassie Allyson Devenish

2 people + lots of memories = 1 Happy Family

Todd, I Love You.

You are my lover, my friend and companion. You mean everything to me and I appreciate you and everything you do. Happy Anniversary.


kim said...

Cute blog!!! Happy Anniversary!!

Arah said...

happy anniverary to you guys! 11 years, congratulations.

Cindy said...

11 years in awesome. I hope Jeremy and I can make it there happily : ) cute blog. Hope you had a good anniversary

Robyn said...


Hi, it's Robyn, Quinn and I were your roommates at college, I saw your post on Quinn's blog and wondered if it was you. Fun to see you and your family. Boy, does time move fast! Congratulations on your anniversary and beautiful family.